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Volunteer Project, Part 2 - Dreadnought Seaman's Hospital


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From June 2021 to January 2022, over 1700 Zooniverse volunteers transcribed the first eighteen volumes of the Admissions Registers of the Dreadnought Seaman’s Hospital. For those who like crunching numbers, that means Zooniverse volunteers completed over 49,000 classifications of these complex and detailed records, in just seven months. The HMS NHS Project team would love to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to every single volunteer who helped with the transcription work. There was A LOT of difficult handwriting and many a medical condition we’d never heard of. Whether you did 1 or 2000 classifications (some people did!), every single one counts and we’re grateful for them all.

As well as a THANK YOU, we wanted to let you know, that part two of HMS NHS: The Nautical Health Service IS NOW UP AND RUNNING! Part Two covers Volumes 19-34, the Admissions Registers for 1870-1930, when the hospital finally left the aging HMS Dreadnought (though the ship remained as a quarantine station for a few years more), coming ashore to occupy the buildings of the former Greenwich Hospital (today the site of the UK’s National Maritime Museum). Part Two also covers the First World War period, so should contain interesting data, with fourteen new workflows to explore. So whether you worked on Part One of not, join us in transcribing these records and make them both accessible and searchable to the research community.

We’ve also updated the About page to include more information about what we’re planning to do with the data and the Project’s licensing conditions, including making it easier to understand how the project data and images can be used and re-used.
Thanks for all your help,
The HMS NHS Team
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Looks fascinating, thank you! I have recently retired from being a librarian of naval medical history, but can't commit to much at present.

However I am reasonably good at deciphering old handwriting and old medical terminology, so do get in touch if there is  anything you or the team are stuck on.


16 hours ago, michaelpi said:

Get involved


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