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Remembered Today:

Police marking on 98/05aA?


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As in title.

Best regards Rafal

Bez nazwy.jpg

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Yes this should be a polish Railway marking, as deciphered by Bert or other on Gunboard, the unit stamp is too small for germans.

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Hallo Rober and Andy,

Thankfor your help 

I thought if it wasn't the Cameroonian police units, but rather a leather scabbard that worked poorly in tropical conditions.

After 1918 and there were paramilitary units of the railroad guards. The fact that from 1927 there was a military training for railwaymen - in Polish Kolejowe Przysposobienie Wojskowe - abbreviation KPW (something like Home Guard). They were equipped with Mauser rifles and practiced bayonet combat.


So mayby you are right ...


On the photo railwaymen with Berthiers but without bayonets




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There are M95 rifles too. second and fourth from right ,the identical piece was presented on Gunboard 2020, is from Simson Suhl.

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