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Remembered Today:

British Tank 8043 (and another) Captured/Used?


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Well out of my area of even basic knowledge I suspect this is a well known image (possibly commercially reproduced)


I got this in a lot of pics compiled by a US serviceman and it is annotated on the reverse in his hand ("Captured British Tanks being used by the Germans" )

Just wondered if anyone with expertise in this area could add detail?

There does appear to be chalked writing on the side of the tank: possibly the unit which captured/knocked it out? FA - Feld Artillerie?.......

There also seems to be something else to the right beginning with a capital R?




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British Tank No. 8043 was a Mk. IV Male Tank named Don Quixote II and was in action on the Somme at Brie Bridge both in late 1917 and early 1918, it looks undamaged, so it was probably abandoned due to some sort of mechanical problem, and subsequently captured by the Germans.

Previously, I had a list of WW1 tanks and their Commanders, I shall see if I have anything on 8043 Don Quixote II.



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Hi, this site has the most complete listing of tank numbers available: https://sites.google.com/site/landships/home

It has the following information and photos on Don Quixote II - though not the photo shown above.

All the best, John

8043 Don Quixote II W21

20-Nov-17 – D Battalion, 11 Company, 6 sec, D26, 2Lt Frank R - Engaged enemy, ditched before first objective. K35a8.5 W21

22-Mar-18 – 5th Battalion - Drove 16 miles, broke down on way into action and burnt out. 95-93 this is presumably inaccurate as the tank appears to be:

Photographed abandoned at Brie Bridge:





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