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RND drum capture on Western Front


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Hi all 

I have a dilemma 

I have extensive records and stories of men from the RND. I am currently working my way through them to put them in some sort of order 

One story which I know I have and I cannot remember the man involved

I know it was on Western front and it involved the German capture of a Battalion drum when they overran a RND position. The man mentioned fought his way back to reclaim the drum

Is anyone familiar with this story ? 

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Knowledge of which RND Battalion would help because there are War Diaries for Anson, Howe, Drake, Hawke & Nelson Battalions for the Western Front. But without any dates it would be a long trawl through the diaries.

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Did all the RND Battalions have bands?  I know Hood had a band from the start and Howe supposedly had a Pipe Band at Gallipoli.  What about the rest?

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The RND in the BEF was visited by RM Divisional Bands on tour from the UK:

Portsmouth RMLI Band – November 1916 to January 1917.

Depot RMLI Band – February and March 1917.

Chatham RMLI Band – April to June 1917.

Plymouth RMLI Band – July and August 1917.

RMA Band – September to November 1917.

In addition to the band services provided to the RND by the RM bands (touring in the BEF), three other bands, found from RNVR ratings, have been identified as serving in the RND:-

Hood Battalion Band at Antwerp, Gallipoli and in the BEF 1914-19. Mainly Clyde Division RNVR, Dundee Company

Howe Battalion Pipe Band at Gallipoli 1915. Mainly Perth men drawn from Clyde Division RNVR.

Hawke Battalion Band at Antwerp and later at Crystal Palace Depot 1914-19. Formed of men in the pre-war Bristol Division RNVR.

In addition, Drake Bn (and others) had  buglers and, of course, Drake's Drum replica which headed a 'Bugle Band'. More information on the Drake drum and buglers can be found in Len Sellers' 'RND', Issue No.7, pp 577, 596 et al.

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Royal Naval ??? what please?

ref the bands my great uncle Henry Burton Simmonds was posted as ?bandmaster ? I think from memory of his record . Not sure which band though- he was originally Royal Marine Artillery but seems to have been moved from active service due to ill health. He went to Portsmouth, I don't think he was sent abroad again- I need to dig his record out again and check.

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Your GU (Royal Marine Artillery from November 1903) served at the Royal Naval School of Music as a Superintending Clerk (Warrant Officer 2nd Class)and was promoted acting Warrant Officer 1st Class. He was not a musician or bandmaster.

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