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RFA Dardanelles

james drury

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone could help with which units of RFA were in the Dardanelles in December 1915. 

Looking at a man and all I have is his name, Edward George  Merritt and that he was in the RFA and in December 1915 in the Dardanelles. 

Just trying to narrow it down and may be find his unit. 

Many thanks in advance for the help, as ever it is much appreciated. 

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Thousand  apologies !! - I put the wrong brothers name - the man in the RFA is Edward GeorgeMerritt , his Brother Christopher Charles was in the ASC. 

so sorry :-(

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There is a Medal Card for 28331 Edward George Merritt RFA,an acting Bombardier and later a Sergeant , who first landed in France on 19 May 1915 and later won the Military Medal as a Sergeant. No unit shown on Medal Card or Rolls but you may be able to see a citation in the London Gazette if you search on his name,number and RFA.

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28331's MM Card has him D Battery 47th Brigade RFA at the time of the award.

War Diary


Suspect he is one of the MMs noted in the WD at the end of the May WD. The list of awards are for gallantry during period 21/3/18 to 18/4/18. 2 MCs are named. A DCM and 13 MMS are just referred to as ORs. 5 were to D Battery. A sign of the times!

Worth noting the History of 47th Brigade and D Battery from the LLT

"This brigade was originally comprised of numbers 151, 152 and 153 Batteries RFA and the Brigade Ammunition Column. It was placed under command of the 14th (Light) Division and went to France with it in May 1915.

On 14 January 1915 the three six-gun batteries were reorganised to become four four-gun batteries and were titled as A, B, C and D.

On 24 May 1916 D Battery left to join 49 Brigade of the same Division, being replaced by the former B (Howitzer) Battery of that brigade which now became D/47.

On 6 October 1916, A, B and C Batteries all increased to six guns when joined by sections from 49 Brigade. The same happened to D Battery on 8 January 1917 when a section joined from 48 Brigade."

This chap from Wooton Bassett had previous service in the Artillery 1901-13. 7 year + 5 in reserve. India 1903-9. Number 17442, The docs show 6 brothers including Christopher. Docs on FMP and Fold 3

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Hi Many thanks for the tips. 

Am working my way through the brothers which is proving sad but interesting, one gained  the DMC then KIA, one drowned with the sinking of the Cameronia off Malta.

I found Edwards his 1901 record :-)

Also found an article in the press which noted 'Ted' (Edward) in the RFA in the Dardanelles in November/December 1915. This originally  put me off  him being 28331 as his medal card showed him  landing in France on the 19th May 1915. Unless he left France and headed east at some point between may and December 1915. 



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  • Admin
On 12/02/2022 at 18:00, james drury said:

Just wondering if anyone could help with which units of RFA were in the Dardanelles in December 1915. 

To answer the original query

The ORBAT is on the Gallipoli Association pages 


not sure whether or not it is complete.

War diaries have been digitised and available on Ancestry again not sure if all RFA diaries are included

Has been discussed before

Suggest a forum search if the answer is not here


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