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?Mills base plug?


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I have been given this and am told that it is a Mills base plug.I have looked at various examples but can find nothing that is similar.Can anyone clarify please ? Thanks again Zil6B1BC416-ED7C-463D-84D3-9FBE14F13750.jpeg.7ee169240c3833d3c944924ca239fc03.jpegAC81CA0A-2211-47C1-9A86-ED4E1AB3E0D9.jpeg.7548d2fa1ad1bc6ba098b8cdc43cf6a3.jpeg90F2D367-AE55-4E42-9016-4965D8EDF219.jpeg.1027de8465720d2d39d15031e1d9288c.jpeg

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Thank you all once again..really really appreciated…the Forum always comes up trumps…I never realised the number of base plugs there were.

kindest regards Zil

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Agree that it's a Gibbons. I have seen many in this condition. All from the Somme.

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