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Women in the Flemish Press during ww1


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The last issue of the magazine 'Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis' comprises an article (dutch language) on the importance of ' the debating of women in the Flemish press during ww1 '.

Interesting article, not so well known.

Gilbert Deraedt :o

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Hello Gilbert,

Interesting! I never heard (or read) anything about, or from, writing women in the press in Flanders 14-18. I have been looking for those admissions in, for instance De Vrije Stem, but could not find any. Problem is that most, if not all articles are not signed.

I presume it is not possible to show that article here? I couldn't find any link to it on the Internet.



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To Rob,

It is really impossible to show the article on this forum. The article has some 15 pages.

Please take contact off forum.

Gilbert Deraedt

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