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Remembered Today:

Compilation of KAR & EA Forces awards in both World Wars on sale now


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The attachment describes how to obtain a copy of Volume I only (World War I) if you do not wish to purchase both volumes.

Volume I alone will cost 25 pounds plus 6-57 postage in UK (other countries are listed).

This price is heavily subsidised by a bequest from a now deceased member of the King's African Rifles and East African Forces Association - the actual production cost was 60 pounds for each Volume.

Please give yourself a Christmas present and peruse my research that took well over 15 years, off and on, to complete.

When the citations do not mention locations I have searched war diaries and regimental histories to determine the probable facts.

Seasonal Greetings to All in these troubled times.  Please stay safe.


00-00-000_KAR_A5_Flyer_DistributionFlyer_v4 (4).pdf

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