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124th Duchess of Connaught's Own Baluchistan Infantry

Eran Tearosh

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Trying to get some info regarding the activities of the 2/124 Baluchistan Infantry during the Palestine Campaign, especially of their actions during the Battle of Sharon, the opening stage of the Megiddo Campaigns, September 19-20, 1918. 

I understand there is a Regimental History of the 124 Baluchistan Infantry, published in 1935, by Oswald Arthur Chaldecott: The First Battalion, Duchess of Connaught's Own (late 124th D.C.O. Baluchistan Infantry) and the Tenth Battalion (late 2/124th Baluchistan Infantry) : the Tenth Baluch Regiment. 

Does anyone own this book and can help me with some details from it?

Thanks, Eran


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Hi Eran

Sorry I can not help you with locating a copy of the book you are interested in, however you may be able to help me...

Would this Oswald Henry Chaldecott be the same person who was an Intelligence Officer in Bijar North West Persia on July 1918???

At that time Chalecoot was a Major but there were no 124th Duchess of Connaught's Own Baluchistan Infantry troops with him. He may have been attached to Dunsterforce.

Thanks for your help.


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