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I have a pocket watch with G.S.T.P F047052 and arrowhead stamped on the back.

It is Swiss made by Jaeger le Coultre and has a green painted dial, arabic numbers in black. Luminous paint, no longer lumionous and yellow in colour, has been added to the 3,6,9 and 12 numbers and to the dots above all the hour marks.

Inside it has 467/2 on the movement which appears to be brass.

On the inside of the back there are the following numbers: 235406 and L3755.

There are also 3 sets of jewellers markings on the inside of the back case which is brass or base metal and chromed. It still works and keeps reasonable time.

A jeweller told me some years ago that it was made about 1912.

Can anybody confirm that this is a WW1 period watch?


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You could try contacting Jaeger-leCoultre direct

I have done so in the past regarding the history of one of my watches

and I found them to be most helpful

I still have their ‘phone + fax numbers but they are from the 1990s and might have changed. Try via their website which I believe is http://www.jaeger-lecoultre.com

Best of luck

Michael D.R.

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thanks for this - have just sent a message to them - will keep you sadvised.


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Do the RAF use it? Phil B

The RFC used the broadarrow and I know the early RAF clothing had the W/I\D acceptance stamp.

But in general I don't know. I would assume they did at least at first.

Joe Sweeney

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Thanks for all your help - have contacted the makers and they want £40 for me to send it to them to pass on to the factory in Switzerland for their archivists to examine it pass judgement. Think I'll give it a miss at that price.


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