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search for soldiers who died in a bombing


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hi to all

I am looking for casualties who may have died with Elise Margaret Kemp in a bombing raid on a hospital in Godewaersvelde   
"Killed in a bombing raid by a German aircraft whilst working as a nurse at the 37th Casualty Clearing Station at Godewaersvelde, Flanders (detached from the 58th CCS) on the evening of 20/10/1917. Three patients and three orderlies of the RAMC were also killed.
looking for the other victims 

any help would be appreciated 

thank you 


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The local cemetery CWGC has these deaths for that day:

59843 Mundy appears to one of the RAMC man

23840 INGHAM FRANK MILTON F M 27   20/10/1917   Second Lieutenant Australian Field Artillery 5th Bde. Australian ''
23865 JONES   R W 22   20/10/1917   Bombardier Royal Field Artillery 12th Bty. 35th Bde. United Kingdom '72964'
23874 KEMP   E M 0   20/10/1917   Sister Territorial Force Nursing Service 58th Casualty Clearing Station United Kingdom ''
24010 MUNDY   A E 0   20/10/1917   Private Royal Army Medical Corps 37th Casualty Clearing Station United Kingdom '59843'
23442 BASFORD   H R 29   20/10/1917   Lance Bombardier Royal Garrison Artillery 23rd Heavy Bty. United Kingdom '93202'
24128 ROBERTS   D A 20   20/10/1917   Private Durham Light Infantry 10th Bn. United Kingdom '44039'
23879 KERRISON FRANK F 20   20/10/1917   Private Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 51st Bn. Australian '213'
23480 BISSELL   S E 39   20/10/1917   Bombardier Royal Garrison Artillery 284th Siege Bty. United Kingdom '56594'
23429 BAILEY BERNARD DUDLEY B D 28   20/10/1917   Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery 23rd Heavy Bty. United Kingdom '74282'
24145 RYLATT JAMES WILLIAM J W 29   20/10/1917   Gunner Royal Field Artillery "C" Bty. 104th Bde. United Kingdom '221545'


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Have you looked at the 37 CCS War Diary  WO95/499/5  , free to download if you register with National Archives. Link is here.

It does list the killed and wounded in this bombing.  (4 killed 8 wounded) plus good description of event.


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Here's the names in 37 CCS Diary:

Sister E M Kemp
59843 Pte A E Mundy RAMC
93202 H R Basford RGA
74282 B D Bailey RGA
Sister E I Devenish-Meares RRC  (Military Medal  LG 17/12/17,  survived, photo of her on Lives of the First World War, died 1959)
31468 Pte M O'Neil RAMC  (Discharged 6/3/19, Pension)
337355 Pte R F Parry 65FA   (discharged SWB 2/7/19)
26582 Pte T Graham LC  (also 169589, discharged SWB 10/10/19)
951368 Gnr H F Wise RFA   Died of wounds  28/10/17 buried Godewaersvelde
201670 Rfn A E Downs KRRC  (ended up in an Asylum ?)
160513 Gnr A Cousner RGA  (Discharged SWB 16/12/18)
A/481 Rfn J Shea  KRRC   (discharged 20/3/19,  Pension)

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Updating their subsequent fate if wounded
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