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Information of POWs of WW1


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Hi all, hoping to get some information in regards to POWs in WW1.


My great grandfather Edwin Blake #2134598 was missing and captured in Oct 1918

Any idea where I can find out where he was prisoner or anything pertaining to being a POW?

I'm rather curious and haven't been able to find any information on it




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"Blake" is filed under "Black" (The archive is ordered phonetically)

But as he was reported missing on 5th November 1918, and reported POW 2 weeks after the Armistice, I doubt the report ever made it to the Red Cross, seeing that he is released and in Dover 5 weeks after reported missing.

There is no card for him under "Canadians":

https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/File/Search/#/3/2/224/2333590/British and Commonwealth/Military/black



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He was with the 13th Battalion CEF, I will have a look through the war diaries again, previous times I have searched I may have had the wrong dates. Thanks

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