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Interpreting the Name or Nickname of Aircraft from Personal Diary


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I am working through transcribing the diary of my Great Grandfather who served in the 18th Infantry Battalion, AIF. There are two mentions of aircraft flying overhead and dropping bombs, but I can't make out the name he uses to describe these aircraft. I'm hoping that someone familiar with the terminology used at the time might easily recognise the name. In case it is significant, the two entries are dated 15 November 1916 and 29 January 1917, both in the Pozières region.

I have attached screenshots. Note, there are two copies of each reference since I have two copies of the diary, one the original, and the other a transcription made many decades ago by my Great Grandfather's daughter.


Thanks for any help you can give me.

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I agree about the word being "taube", but please note he was almost certainly using it as a generic term for a German reconnaissance aircraft rather than a particular model.  As the Wiki article in the link above makes clear, the actual taubes with their distinctive profiles had only a limited life at the front and had all gone long before the time of these diary entries.  Their name however lived on... rather in the way that the Germans referred to "Vickers" for any British pusher aircraft long after the Vickers Gunbus had been retired.

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