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1916 dated 18lb casing


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Hi, I have been given a 1916 18lb mk 2 shell case and would like to know what all the base details mean, i have repeatedly googled and seem to be going round in circles, any help would be appreciated. There is a bell in the centre with "something"  ltd, the letters CGM and CS and the date of 9 11 16, thank you, Also engraved with Souvenier (sic) Fournes 1919

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The case markings Cs suggest Canadian manufacture - Canadian Cartridge Co., Hamilton Ontario;  CGM a lot code. The primer was made by Western Electric Co., North Woolwich, London - WEC Ltd within a "bell".

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The CCo symbol above the Lot code is the monogram for the Canadian Cartridge Co. The fired case was repaired by Christopher Collins Ltd of Birmingham, being Scleroscope tested for hardness (letter S over-stamped on 6 of year of manufacture), and ultimately fitted with new primer and reloaded full charge - shown by the isolated letter F by the acceptance date of 9.11.16.

Trawling for "cartridge case" in the forum search facility will throw up quite a few past threads describing 18-pr and other head stamps.

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