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Chinese Labour Corps in Petard Farm (Poperinghe)

Arne Vandendriessche

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Hi everyone,

In the petard farm in Poperinghe was a large ammunition storage. The grenades were delivered along a railroad that has multiple branches on that farm. In a small forest that used to be there, probably 27 barns were used for that storage. Most of the work on that farm was done by Chinese workers from the Labor Corps.
Many of them died and that is why a monument was placed in Poperinge. Many years ago, the mine clearance service retrieved about 650 gas shells. There are many photos of that farm with the Chinese workers during the first world war.
Including the one in attachment. I would like some more information and pictures of that farm. There is a chance it will be told in WDs because the English soldiers had to check them regularly. The workers were used to lay train tracks and also after the war they cleaned up a lot in the Ypres region.
Is there anyone on the forum related to the Chinese Labor Corps who can help me? The farm was located at 27.F.1.d.92.3

If you know someone, please tag that person





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The WD of 14 Corps A&QMG (WO 95/914/4) has a List of Units Administered dated 11/08/1917. It shows 18 Labour Group at (Sheet 27) F 1 d 8 6 which included 45 Chinese Labour Co and three Platoons of 47 Chinese Labour Co. One Platoon of 47 Chinese Labour Co was at E 11 a 6 6 and 60 & 61 Chinese Labour Cos were at S 20 d 2 3.


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