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French hand grenades


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Can anyone provide me with information, good links or pictures of French P1 Mle 1915, F1 Mle. 1915 hand grenades and their use? I have also heard of French developing an anti-tank grenade in 1918, any info?

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What do you need to know exactly? The best reference is the Delhomme books (see here for more info ;) )


PM me if you would like a copy cheap.

The P1 or 'Pear' grenade was introduced in May 1915. A typically unusual French design it was a percussion grenade with a trailing ribbon to help it land correctly. They were rather un-reliable with a dubious safety system (a piece of string!). When throwing the large 'spoon' is pulled from the side of the body arming the grenade. Charge was 30g of HE.

The 'Antichar' 1918 model was a simple design, a large brass box container with 900g of HE fitted to a wooden handle and initiated by an automatic model 1916 fuse.

The F1 is very comon and was used for many years after the 14-18 war. It's design was copied by many - see the US 'Pineapple'. First introduced in early 1915 with a percussion igniter later examples used an automatic igniter. Similar size to a Mills and the same one piece type cast body.

I have not got an antichar (I wish!) but here is a photo of the P1 and a couple of F1s - terrible quality pic but best I can do from my desk this evening.


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There's also an excellent and detailed 10 page article by Patrick Delhomme and Robert Yuille in the May 1977 edition (no.49) of Gazette des Armes. I believe this is available as a re-printed back issue.


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