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German 4th and the Marinkorps Flandern / Bruges


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Hello! I read that reserves of the German 4th Army came into Bruges in October 1914, but that shortly after Admiral Von Schroder came in with his Marinkorps Flandern. I'm looking to find out what German military was there at the end, in 1918. The Marinkorps Flandern were part of the German 4th? Or were they separate? 

Also, possibly a very ridiculous question, but did the navy have sharpshooters at all? It looks like the members of the Naval Corps Flanders were active on land as well and had fought in battles in Antwerp and Leuven, for example, so I'm assuming they had sharpshooters, but I'm not sure about this.

Thank you so much - any help is most appreciated! 

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It was III Reservekorps that first entered Brugge in October 1914, soon followed by the Marinedivision. The Marinekorps was only formed by mid November 1914, numbering the original Marinedivision and creating a 2. Marinedivision.

The Marinekorps Flandern remained in the north to the end (guarding the northern Yser sector and the coast) and had "normal" army units at its disposal at times. It had a special status as the German navy was "Imperial" but was part of the 4. Armee as "Gruppe Nord". The coast and Brugge were evacuated around mid October 1918 (as the Marinekorps had not lost any ground, it had to be given extra time to retreat and also evacuate its area).


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