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London Regiment - Territorial Force Re-Numbering


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Many of us are familiar with the TF Regimental re-numbering scheme introduced early 1917.

One feature of the scheme was that each TF Battalion of a particular Regiment was allotted a block of 6-digit numbers.

I can't quite figure out the complexity of the scheme for the London Regiment TF - so I was hoping others can help/explain.

The Table below is from the LLT showing the blocks of numbers for each "Battalion" of the London Regiment.

The London Regiment had quite a few Battalions some of which had a great many so-called "Lines" within a Battalion.

So, for example, there was the 1/3rd  (City of London) Battalion (Royal Fusiliers) - but there was also a 3/1st Battalion.

So in the Table below are the block of numbers allotted to the 3rd Battalion those for the 1/3rd of the 3/1st?

If the answer is the former, then where are the numbers for the latter (and vice versa)




London Regiment TF - Renumbering.JPG

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3/1st is the 3rd line of 1st battalion so should be under 1st battalion, #200000

1/3rd is the 1st line of 3rd battalion so should be under 3rd battalion, #280000


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