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water level control


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Several decades ago, touring the area behind Aubers, near Le Transloy, I found  group of strong concrete bunkers, in a location which seemed strange; couldn't work out their function, and one had what seemed to be a sluice gate built into the wall. Another seemed to be of different shape and character,with a pitch-based waterproof roof lining, probably a later addition 

In the area again, just before covid hit,  re-visited and took a few photos. Only later I looked on trench maps, to find them marked as Pumping Station. Hence the sluice gate. Made sense, and with others in the general area, which is very flat and cut with numerous straight streams.

Then found a photo of them being constructed, attached.

Just shows the amount of work and men, materials to control the water level in the streams, not often considered in maintaining a fighting front. With a number of lines going to it, probably the later addition was a communications centre.





le transloy pumping.jpg

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