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I’m not sure if this archive has appeared on the GWF before, but just in case it hasn’t, pals may be interested in watching these short films in the Bundesarchiv. In some of the films there are sequences German troops in action.  

Here’s a link to the full list (c 105 films):

https://www.filmothek.bundesarchiv.de/search?q=&x=1&xf[]=Keywords&xo[]=EQUALS&xv[]=1914-1918 (total period%3B first world war)&page=6

The best one for me shows Stormtroopers in 1918 on the Marne:

Der deutsche Vormarsch zur Marne.

Notice how the troops fall on a train load of food and can hardly wait to fill their faces. Inadvertently, perhaps, the film gives a clue as to why the 1918 offensives failed. 

I haven’t gone through them all, so if anyone spots any other interesting ones, please flag them up. 


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Only watched one so far about the German Air service and airmen, its very good.

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