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My son has become the owner of a bayonet that we know nothing about at all.Its 25 inches long and has this numbering on the handle.Any info would be greatly appreciated 






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Yes.  Gras bayonet.  Used on 1874 Gras and 1866-74 Chassepot Gras conversions.


I cannot see the prefix letter for the serial (is it cursive or block style, looks cursive) this will tell you which nodel it was used on.  Blade spine SHOULD have engraving, aresnal and date.  May he worn off or hard to read.

A relatively common bayonet.

Rub the metal with a cloth and oil and take better pics of markings, I can tell you more/confirm.



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Same opinion, Gras M1874 should be light cleaned to see the marking on backspine of blade and serial letter prefix. Should be with matching scabbard normally. 

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