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Hello, I'm researching the life of a soldier who served with the 11th Australian Field Ambulance during the war.  He has very little that has been noted in his military service records, for example nothing at all for the entire year of 1917 apart from receiving a couple of chevrons for his uniform.  After the war he was a member of the Blinded Soldiers Association.  What I would like to know is, if he was a member of this association does that mean that he might have suffered blindness (in some form) as a result of his service?  There isn't anything noted in his records regarding medical treatment in the years 1916-1917 but I have read that gas caused some soldiers blindness?

Thank you!

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If you can post his name and any other details as well as 11th AFA, then there are people on here who will be able to investigate further. I don't know the Australian or the Army medical side as well as I would like (better at the Royal Navy) but I'm sure there's somebody else suitable.

Best wishes


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His medical records should be on NAA - Basic search | RecordSearch | National Archives of Australia (naa.gov.au)

It will be separate to his service records, and may not be online yet.

If not you can apply for it to be open and pay to get a copy.




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