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Mystery MIC annotation: "Ineligible for TF War Medal" 536/40


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Hi all,

I'm researching this officer, who served in both WW1 and WW2. In fact, I have his WW2 dog tags, which is what kicked off the research. 

His medal index card (as you can see) states that he was awarded the British War Medal and Victory Medal. So far, so good. 

There is then a an annotation in pencil reading "Ineligible for TF (presumably "Territorial Force") War Medal", and I'm not 100% sure what this is referring to.

Would I be correct in assuming that it is referring to the fact that he is ineligible for the Territorial Force Efficiency Medal, because he was commissioned and would thus have to start accruing service as an officer towards the Territorial decoration (TD)?

It's just the term "TF War Medal" that's confusing me.

No doubt the reference "536/40" would tell us, but I'm not sure what that is - It's not KRs, I don't think, as para 536 concerns the escort of prisoners!

Any help appreciated!



Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 18.17.34.png

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Well, that's a new one on me, Charlie.

You learn something every day!

Thank you.


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