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1st Welsh Howitzers (later 265/266 Brigade RFA)


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Hi all.

I’ve been researching my gt uncles service in WW1.  

Ive made good progress, and now know he enlisted in Sept 1914 in the 1st Welsh Howitzers in Swansea and went to Cambridge, Bedford, France then Egypt where he was on Suez Canal defensive duties.  At some point around the period of third Gaza, he left his brigade and moved to headquarters, getting involved in photo interpretation which he continued with until the end of the war.

Ive really enjoyed researching a relatively unknown territorial unit and want to find out more about them.  Can anyone point me in the direction of any resources/histories?

I should say, I plan to go to Kew to look at the war diaries and i have my uncles copy of the 53rd Division History.

Thanks in advance.


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