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Identification of Hospital - possibly 3rd General Scottish Hospital Glasgow

Peter Secco

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I'm hoping someone could please assist in 1. Identifying the Hospital in this photo;

                                                                     2. What the tapestry in the front of the man sitting on the ground depicts or says; and 

                                                                     3.  If, of the men with their caps, there is one from the 1st Royal Dragoons.


My grandfather - Roderick William McNeill, Gnr, 39960, RFA (France 29/7/15) is 2nd from the left, middle row with the pipe in his mouth. He has no service record but this photo postcard has recently come to light and was dated 1 May 1918 and sent to his wife-to-be Mary Donnelly in Glasgow (they married 14 July 1918 in Glasgow). There is a further postcard from him to Mary from Cookridge Convalescent Hospital, Horsforth dated 27 April 18.

Apart from the words to Mary, on the back there is also the following "Pte A. Wilson, 4132, 1st Royal Dragoons, 3rd General Scottish Hospital A.10 Ward, Glasgow". This is in different hand writing to Roderick's and I cannot identify it as Mary's handwriting. So my thought is that Roderick met up with Albert Brewster Wilson (he has a service record) in the Hospital as he was there from 5 April 18 to what appears to be 27 August 18 when he was discharged, and they both wished to keep in contact.

I was wondering if one of the men in the photo was actually Pte Wilson as, besides trying to put a face to the name of someone that my grandfather knew, he has a family tree on Ancestry with some information on his life but no photo of him. If we could identify him in this photo, I could then send it on to the relative who put that tree together to perhaps fill out a gap.

Any help would be great.






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