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Sanderson P1907 Bayonet 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers, 2nd Connaught Rangers?

high wood

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Recently acquired and not yet cleaned. The manufacture date is hard to read but possibly November 1915. The Pommel appears to be marked 2 LF 198 and 2 CR 99, both crossed through.



Bayon 001.JPG

Bayon 003.JPG

Bayon 005.JPG

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high wood,

connaught rangers, I think, is C.T., so I’m wondering if the C is a poorly stamped and worn G……G.R. Would be the Gloucestershire Regiment.??


Nice find😀👍.


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Thank you. It it difficult to be sure as the crossing through line is exactly where the cross stroke of a B or an R would be,but it is possibly a C. B. or C. R. mark. I cannot see a G.

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