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Harwich Submarines - the 1914 Campaign

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My book, Harwich Submarines in the Great War - the first submarine campaign of the Royal Navy in 1914, was published today by Helion & Company.

The book is a collaboration with the Royal Navy Submarine Museum and profits from my author royalties will go to support the work of the Museum through the Friends. Front cover below.

Many have helped out to complete the book and I'd like to specifically thank two members of the forum who have made a direct contribution. Michael Lowrey helped out with tracking down information from U-boat war diaries and RNCVR contributed a photograph image from his collection to illustrate it.

The book is available from the publisher, who will ship worldwide. A summary of what the book is about here:

For those in North America it is also available 'locally' from Helion's distributor there, Casemate:


The book is available from all of the usual on-line sites. I don't make purchase recommendations of one over another, but in the UK there are some supply problems causing stock outs from the retailers and outside the UK they can be more expensive than purchase direct from the publisher or Casemate.

The cover features D.1 on wireless trials in 1910 (a fact tracked down by Darren Brown for me) and an inset of Petty Officer LTO Arthur Hiscock DSM, taken soon after he joined the Navy, which is used by permission of his grandson, Keith. Arthur was lost with all of his shipmates on the last patrol of D.2 during the campaign.

Harwich Submarines front cover.jpg

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