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Paul Cleverley

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Trying to track down photographs my Great Grandfather may be in. 329 Cpl Hanson Stiles Williams - he joined 1st Glamorgan RGA in 1886 No 12 Battery, in 1908 was in 2nd Glamorgan RGA posted to No 3 Coy(?), was at annual camp in Lavernock / Penarth in Wales.

I’ve exhausted online resources, hoping I can find someone who has a relative that served same time/unit who has personal photographs. Any help very much appreciated.


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   There are a couple of photos here from an ancestry family tree, including one in uniform;-  https://www.ancestry.co.uk/search/categories/43/?name=HANSON++STILES_WILLIAMS&count=50&location=3257.3250&name_x=1_1&priority=united-kingdom&_phtarg=pEt5733&queryId=6220ec9f80c8d8317d4d1d17b0e69fd5&successSource=Search

  Not certain if it is your grandfather.


Alf McM

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5 hours ago, Paul Cleverley said:

Thank you so much Alf it is!

The photo appears to show him as a sergeant in either the Welsh Regiment (infantry), or one of the several yeomanry cavalry regiments that wore a very similar badge, essentially slight variations of the Prince of Wales’s feathers.  The Welsh Regiment recruited significant numbers from Glamorgan so that fits with his home town.  As a former auxiliary forces veteran with considerable previous service I imagine that he might have been recruited to assist with the training of the regiment’s war-raised service battalions for Kitchener’s New Army.

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