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Gas Shells


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Hello All

Can anyone throw light on the types of shells used?

I'm attempting to discover what could have caused hospitalisation of a man due to gas. This man was in the field artillery at the time.

Some notes from his records:


[August 1918] Adm 11 Stry H Rouen "W" gas poisoning 13" Shell

Pt II Ords No 243 of 31.08.18

Gas Poisoning, Wd 13” shell, s/w115/76698


I would like to know what the shell could have been and if the gassing could have been the result of an attack or perhaps accident, and where/when any such attack or accident took place.

Not sure how feasible that will be... any pointers appreciated.



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It's worth you reading about Operation Michael from March 1918 onwards. The Germans deployed a range of gas shells to great effect.  They ranged from simple tear gas to Phosgene and Mustard gas. 

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Germans would dose artillery positions heavily with gas shells to force crews to mask up, thus hindering their effectiveness 

Green Cross shells were loaded with Di phosgene (Methyl Forrmate)  Blue Cross were tear gas or arsenical smoke, which could pnetrate gas masks and induce vomiting 


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WIN_20210919_12_17_21_Pro.jpg.737a4896dc6d5b7d574078baeaa797ee.jpgthis might be of interest  to you


Regards Gerry

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