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ernest Ambrose Brown 2575/200677 East Yorks 1/4. Died 3/10/1918


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Hello, I have the above soldier died in Worms POW camp 3/10/18. I have read in the Hull WW1 site https://ww1hull.com/  he died of starvation. Is there any way of finding if this was true ? Also is there a site where any records of Worms POW camp is accessible ?


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The Red Cross enquiry from who appears to be his wife does give a cause of death which is quite difficult to read but I interpret it as dysentery and enteric fever.

That said the general state of returned POWs was one of malnutrition; during their captivity hunger was a constant companion which would have predisposed him to these diseases as recorded in this IWM podcast.


Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 15.12.16.png

He appears to have been in a hospital when he died, there are two Red Cross cards. The second has three references but you can see he was taken on the 27 May 1918, together with a number of his comrades.

https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/File/Search/#/3/2/224/4128496/British and Commonwealth/Military/Brown ernest ambrose

If you are unfamiliar with the site, having checked the link, you have to scroll down the red ink column on the left to Brown East Yorkshire where there are 29 cards listed; scroll down again until you get to him.  The one reproduced above, an enquiry. is first and then the second is his personal card.  This gives three PA references which you type in the box and scroll through the page of the record book. I didn't find the second PA reference especially helpful.




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