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St Philip and St Paul with Wesley Church, Southport


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St Philip and St Paul with Wesley in Southport, a church I've driven past countless times but never been inside until yesterday. Originally St Philip's Church, it was consecrated in 1886 and replaced an earlier iron church (tin tabernacle) that stood on the same site. In the 1980s it merged with the neighbouring parish of St Paul's, and in 1999 joined with Wesley Southbank Road Methodist Church to become a Local Ecumenial Parnership. Inside there are various memorials originating from each of the parent churches.


The WW1 memorial for St Philip's is an elaborate alabaster monument on the right side of the chancel arch. It commemorates 35 casualties from the parish, plus a further 247 men who served.


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In the chancel there is a small plaque commemorating Pte Horace Cory, 142344, 19th Coy. Machine Gun Corps (Infantry):


CWGC link: https://www.cwgc.org/find-records/find-war-dead/casualty-details/745603/HORACE CORY/

The WW2 memorial for St Philip's is a slightly inconspicuous wooden panel in the Chapel, with the names of 12 casualties.



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Memorials from St Paul's Church and Wesley Methodist Church are located in the North Transept.


The WW1 memorial at St Paul's originally included a window, but the church was demolished in the 1980s and only the brass survives. There are 81 names on the memorial.







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WW1 memorial from Wesley Methodist Church on Upper Aughton Road, which I believe was demolished in the 1970s:


This framed memorial is from Wesley Methodist Church on Southbank Road. The picture is from a painting by Axel Ender and was used as the basis for a mosaic memorial inside the church. Underneath are the names of 13 casualties who are also recorded on a stone cross memorial outside the original church. The building on Southbank Road still exists and is now used by Southport Community Church.


The 13 names are: Edgar Clough, Charles Luke Highton, Edgar Wardle Porter, Leonard Syddall, John Hayes Fearnhead, Stanley Howard, Arthur Rickerby, Frederick Thorpe, Edward Dearden Wright, Herbert Gregson, William Edward Laycock, James Rimmer and Bernard Wright.

WW2 memorial from the Southbank Road Church:


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A further memorial from Wesley Methodist Church on Southbank Road, recording the names of those who served during WW1:





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