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HMT Sarah Alice

peter Hearn

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Hi, Thanks for letting me sign up,

I have been seaching  my family history , my Great Uncle was lost on the HMT Sarah Alice, His name was Alfred Bertram Hearn, he left orphaned Children in Fleetwood, I did see someone else on here looking at same, I would like to contact them if possible, as they are Relatives my Grandfather was his brother, their name on here is " feawbas ",as I am new on here not sure how to contact them, any help would be greatly received. Thank You

Alf B Hearn.jpg

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Hi @peter Hearn and welcome to the forum.

@feawbas was last on the forum at the start of January but hopefully the "shout out" should send him a notification - if he hasn't turned of notifications and if he is still using the same e-mail account.

Omce you reply here you should then have enough posts to access the private messaging system. If you are using a lap-top or PC just hover your cursor over fewbas's name above and a box will open up with several options - in the bottom left hand corner is message. If you are on smartphone or tablet just tap on fewbas's name and it should take you through to his profile page where there is an option to message.

The message itself won't go them but they should get a notification that there is something to read - with the same caveat as above :)


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Hi Thanks for the help, fingers crossed hope they get back to me , as I don't know what happened to his children after he was lost , they were with my Grandfather in Fleetwood, but then lost all trace, no one mentioned it, would be nice to make contact 

Thanks Again

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