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Confusing info re: Day 2 Covid test type AFTER returning from France


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This is different to the earlier thread about PCR (or antigen) tests BEFORE leaving France.

I'm on the Somme right now and will be leaving on 9th September.......booking my French-based pre-departure Antigen test at the Mailly-Maillet (or Combles) in the very near future....as per the advice I read in the earlier thread.


HOWEVER....I/others also have to pre-book (before departing France) the DAY 2 Covid test to be carried out in UK after return.

Perhaps I'm stupid (always possible) but I cannot fathom from the UK gov website if I'm similarly allowed to go down the cheaper ANTIGEN test after I return to the UK.

Logic suggests to me that if the UK finds a negative Antigen test sufficient BEFORE I leave France....then surely a repeat antigen test should be accepted for the test AFTER I arrive back in the UK. And yet the .gov website is as clear as mud on this (at least to me)

I appreciate that the belt and braces approach is to solve the confusion by booking a c£70 PCR test.....but would obviously prefer to save the extra £40 if it's acceptable to choose the c£30 antigen test.


Grateful for any advice that can clarify my confusion

Many thanks,



Many thanks,



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Hi David

I booked an Antigen test for the 2 day test to be taken after arriving in the UK. It was obviously OK as it was accepted on the passenger locator form and by Eurotunnel. The stupidity of the UK Government lays in the fact that I was only in the UK for 10 hours and their statement that I still had to book and pay for the test but did not need to take the test.

I would advise that as long as you book a test from an approved supplier and you choose the "Two day test from an amber list country" you cannot go wrong.

By the way I paid £32 for my test, which was the cheapest postal test that I could find.

I hope that this helps.


Kind regards




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9 hours ago, Frajohn said:

as you book a test from an approved supplier

I didn't think there were any "approved suppliers." Not approved by the UK Govt, anyway. 

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The GOV.UK site offers a list of suppliers. They have recently removed a number of these as not conforming or no longer existing.


List of providers

The providers below offer day 2 tests. You can filter the list by testing method and location. To order your test, you’ll need to contact providers directly.


Testing method                   All types                                            Provider supervised on site                                                                 Self swab on site                                          Provider supervised at home                     Self swab at home                   
Location                      All                     North West                     North East                     West Midlands                     East Midlands                     East of England                     South West                     South East                     Greater London                     Northern Ireland                                            Yorkshire and the Humber                                        
Clear filters

407 providers found

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That doesn't mean that they are "approved." Gov.uk says that "the Government does not recommend, endorse or approve any private test provider." See section headed "Private Providers of COVID-19 testing: What you need to know." Six paragraphs in.

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I thought all Day 2 tests were PCR but obviously not.  A couple of days ago I booked mine for a drive-through test for the day after I return.  It's at Manchester Airport and costs £55 but it should be very convenient for me as I live 5 minutes away and I don't have to find a priority mailbox.  As stated previously, had already booked the antigen test in Combles.  Last time it cost me 25 euros - I thought the standard rate was more like 29 euros.

Hopefully this time I wont have as many phone calls from Big Brother to check up on me.  Last time it was about the day 2 and 8 tests and quarantine.  Must have been contacted 4 or 5 times at least.

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