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Casualties from SS Manitou, April 16, 1915

David Porter

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I stumbled upon this listing in the Leamington Spa Courier of April 23, 1915.


There are a couple of threads that give the background to the event, which was actually on the morning of April 16, 1915.


All but one confirmed death is commemorated on the Helles Memorial. Two of the missing did apparently survive. I have transcribed the names so they can be found and added their unit if given elsewhere. Most of the 147 Bde entries have not been checked against the Effects records on Ancestry which might give a more definitive unit.

The following casualties to non-commissioned officers and men are reported as having occurred on the S.S. Manitou on April 17th:
Bancroft, 23252, Driver R.; 97 Bty
Barnes, 56061, Gunner J.; 97 Bty
Brown, 55847, Driver J.; 147 BAC 
Bryan, 6752, Driver W.; 147 Bde
Cannon, 55511, Gunner G. W.; 147 Bde (Doiran Memorial)
Chadwick, 4619. Driver J.; 147 BAC
Cleminson, 35996, Gunner W.; 147 Bde
Cooper, 10637. Battery Qmr. Sgt. E. W.; 10 Bty
Creer, 86232, Driver A.; 147 Bde
Dean, 30967, Driver F. W.; 147 Bde
Doran, 50263, Gunner H.; 147 Bde
Law, 60300, Driver E.; 97 Bty
Locke, 30757, Driver W.; 147 Bde
McDonald, 31105, Gunner W.; 368 Bty
Mabey, 52988, Bombadier C. W.; 147 Bde
Martin, 48407, Acting Bombadier W.: 368 Bty
Musgrave, 35956, Driver J. W.; 97 Bty
Pettit, 78135, Driver H.; 97 Bty
Pittman, 11643, Shoeing-Smith W. W.; 147 BAC
Rathbone, 53093, Gunner A.; 97 Bty
Ryan, 82539, Driver B.; 147 BAC
Shepherd, 43755, Driver J. H.; 147 BAC
Wallace, 60904, Gunner P.; 97 Bty

R.F.A.- Cox, 60128, Gunner P.; 368 Bty

Bayne, 25160, Gunner J. D.; 97 Bty
Clark, 80821, Driver J.; 147 BAC
Cox. 42767, Sgt. G. H.; 147 Bde
Cramman, 99963, Gunner T. H.; 147 Bde
Evans, 56007, Driver R.: 147 BAC
Harding, 86182, Driver W.; (Clarence Harding appears to have survived)
Jones, 32478, Driver C. H.; 97 Bty
Kay, 67781, Saddler W.; 10 Bty
Kent, 23522. Battery Qmr.-Sgt. G.; 147 Bde
Lawrence, 82329, Driver B.; (Benjamin Lawrence survived - reported found in mid June 1915)
Meadth, 41807, Driver J.; 147 Bde
Moffatt, 33674, Sgt. R. M.; 97 Bty
Mooney, 26122, Driver H.; 147 BAC
Morss. 82380, Driver T. J.; 147 Bde
Mulherns, 55348, Gunner P.; 368 Bty 
Patrick, 49793, Gunner A.; 368 Bty
Piddington. 34471, Driver W.; 10 Bty
Randell, 84322, Driver W. H.; 147 BAC
Shackleton, 26402, Driver S.; 147 BAC
Tetlow, 58913. Shoeing-Smith Corp. J.; 147 BAC
Welsh, 93879, Driver A.; 10 Bty
Willis, 54881, Gunner T. A.; 97 Bty
Woodthorpe, 58260, Gunner A.; 368 Bty

South Wales Borderers, 2nd Batt.-
Frost, 9576, L.-Corp. E.;
Hogg, 9983, H.

Limmex, 17060, C. H.; 368 Bty
Matchett, 6865, J.; 147 Bde

Gunner Cox, who died of exposure, has his death given as May 5, 1915, but this report precedes it, so he probably died the same day as the accident or soon afterwards. 

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