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37mm Munitions


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Just picked these up in a job lot of mixed WW1/WW2 stuff.

There are two Vickers Sons & Maxim 1lb QF rounds with HE projectiles. and a French 37x94mmR Hotchkiss round.

One of the 1lb rounds is marked III VSM on the side of the projectile but with no markings on the base of the case. The other is marked VS&M in a roundel on the base of the case, with a V on the base of the projectile.

The Hotchkiss round is marked 37-85 PDPs 79 1.18 and has a flaming grenade mark on the base of the case. This is for the Parc d'Artillerie de Paris, dated Jan 1918. The fuse is marked L117 18 and has an anchor stamp.

Not sure why it's marked 37-85 when it's clearly 37 x 94 mm? Is that the powder charge, maybe?

They have obviously been emptied, and the fuses are removable. The projectiles are unfired (ie. not live, but they haven't been fired through a barrel).

I collect arms, not munitions, so these have been a fascinating voyage of discovery for me. I have no idea what to do with them as most of what I collect I can actually make them go 'bang', not such a good idea with these, though!

(The middle round is the French one)

Pom Pom Shells 1.jpg

Pom Pom Shells 2.jpg

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Nice examples. The Vickers examples are always popular. Undated they could predate the Great War. These shells had a very long life and were also favourite souvenirs for soldiers as they were very portable.

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Thanks, as I said, I'm a complete novice when it comes to this kind of militaria. The Vickers ones do seem to go for more than the French ones. 

I've seen other VSM ones where the projectile is black, and these have a thin 'wash' of black on them, but they do look like they've been well polished by their previous owners. 

When you hold that heavy steel explosive projectile in your hand, it really makes you think how scary it must be to have been on the receiving end of these, at 60 rounds a minute.

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Thanks, I was wondering what that meant, I initially thought it was like the 45-70 nomenclature (ie. bore size + powder charge).

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