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Remembered Today:

Alexander Wallace, German East Africa 1916


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Captain Alexander Frank Wallace of the Northern Rhodesia Medical Corps married in Aberdeen June 1918. Local papers gave good coverage.

These also courtesy FindmyPast Newspapers:

June 1918 Aberdeen:



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48 minutes ago, Sinabhfuil said:

because he settled in Dublin after the war

Is there confusion Trinity College Dublin and Trinity College Glenalmond ?


Edit- Ah I see this at the foot of the NAM biagraphy:

After recovering, Wallace briefly studied medicine in Dublin before returning to Broken Hill with his wife

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Hmmm. He doesn't seem like the man I'm after. I'm looking for the family of Alexander J Wallace, who lived in 40 Oakley Road in 1913; wanted to see if they were still there in May 1916, but this looks like a false lead - interesting, though. Darn. And thanks.

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OK you have us confused now. That clip about service in Africa in your OP is clearly for Dr Alexander Frank Wallace (who as Charlie says, studied briefly in Dublin)

Are you saying now that you do not know anything about " Alexander J Wallace " other than that he  lived in 40 Oakley Road in 1913;

There is no Wallace in Oakley Rd, Dublin in 1911 census that I can find!

So where does the reference to Oakley Rd come from?

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He was worth a bob or two when he died




and a number of unsubstantiated Ancestry trees give this as his birth in Monaghan



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40 Oakley Rd was the registered office in 1933 of the newly formed company Merton Estate Trust Ltd. As well as Amy Harriett Wallace the other subscriber was Charles John Reid who looks similar to man noted as witness to death.

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Amy still there when she died aged 92

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And his marriage


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This site has a grave photo and information

(?) | (?) WALLACE | only son of | AMY & JACKSON WALLACE | (?)
Dalkey Road | who fell asleep August 1st 1921 | aged 22 years
| "What thou doest we know not | now but we shall know
hereafter" | also his father | JACKSON WALLACE | called home
19th August 1945 | and | AMY HARRIETT WALLACE | September 20th
1962 | "Till he come"
The Office at Mount Jerome have advised that interred here are:
Baby male of CHARLES REID      Died 1934
AMY HARRIETT WALLACE           Died 1962
Grave Reference:  C103 – Grant 16041


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