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Large German Firing Pin - Artillery?


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Hi all,

I am thinking about purchasing this firing pin but before I do, I would like to see if anyone knows what its from?

Its clearly very large, one would assume its from an Artillery gun of some kind?

Anyway, I look forward to some opinions.




Kind regards


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A fascinating item, but if it’s in the UK the question arises as to what part of the Firearms Act it falls under as it is technically a pressure-bearing component. Hopefully Section 58 given the unlikelihood of using it in a functional weapon.

Disregard this if it’s not in the UK.

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I dont known law in UK but a firing pin is not extra important in cause of arms(even not possible to fire wout this), barell, bolt, slide would be probably a parts that should be declared as major parts of arm in our law. Anyway similar large artillery weapons could be not collected wout permission probably. but similar small parts as firing pin are unusable wout the gun itself.

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