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I am new to this forum, but hope someone might be able to help with my enquiry 

I am looking into the service record of a London born member of the C.E.F. and in particular some entries concerning marriage

would be likely that the Canadian Army would get involved

the entries i am interested in are these

1/ this seems to part of his discharge papers, and as it appears

22.7.19 Do   pt11 168    Granted permission to marry (auth. H.Q. OM Fof C           Do              22.7.19

                                       London. A,G, 2c order 18-1-105 a/18-7-19  )       


then on what appears to his day to day service record detailing all his Post's  is this

at the top right of this page just below  his service number is Married or Single , Married being crossed out, Married is then added handwritten

then crossed out with a arrow pointing to this handwritten note

 marriage annulled 

auth. R.L.29. ?  30 july 1919


i do know that this person did get married in a civil ceremony on the 12 August 1919 in England


my question is this does the annulment entry refer to a hitherto unknown marriage, which could have occurred while in service


i hope this enquiry is allowed and that someone out there can help,





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Googling unknown Londoner marries unknown person on unknown date, possibly annulled, possibly remarries 12/08/1919 doesn't get many hits.

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  • Admin

Welcome to the forum. A name of the soldier in question would help, then forum members can access the records to assist. 


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I am assuming that the second marriage you are referring to is the marriage of Alfred Williams, soldier CEF, to Gladys Amelia Broomhead on 12 August 1919 in the church of St John the Baptist, Buxton, Derbyshire, England. There are 17 Alfred Williams' marriages recorded in the third quarter (July, August, and September) of 1919 in the England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005 on ancestry, one of which is the marriage of Alfred Williams to Gladys Amelia Broomhead.

Is there any chance that Alfred and Gladys jumped the gun, and then got properly married again on August 12?

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1 hour ago, busterfield said:

According to his attestation in 1914 he was married.

Although the original answer has been crossed out, and replaced with a notation that seems to relate to either 29 or 30 July 1919. I see he also says he has previously served for seven years on his attestation form. On his marriage to Gladys in August 1919 his father's name is given as William Williams, and it is indicated that his father is an officer in the British Army.

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thank you for your comments

1/ yes he did marry Gladys Broomhead in Buxton on the 12 Aug 1919, my thinking was there was another marriage before that one, possibly in Canada, that he needed to get annulled

2/ I can tell you Alfred William also went on to marry again in 1927, and i think Gladys Broomhead remarried a Lawrence Batty in 1928

3/it was a suprise to see that he had got his father as a Army Officer ( born in 1855 ) when he worked as a post office official according to Census infomation

 4 / reason for leaving London unknown, have found no definitive passage documents to confirm when he went, although i think i found him in 1911 Canada census

boarding in Toronto, and gives arrival as 1907

 5 / would Canadian army be involved in a civil marriage in England ????

6 /  i do not know how long he was with Gladys, there is a gap between 1919 and 1927 

thanks for your interest

look forward to any further comments you have



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I did see that 1927 marriage and wonder if it was him. He married to Emmeline Lawrence on 27 June 1927, occupation hairdresser, which then squares with the Alfred Williams living with Emmeline Williams in the 1939 England and Wales register, occupation hairdresser. At least his birth date is consistent between his attestation form and the 1939 register, it's 10 March 1887 in both cases.

Not having any joy in finding an Ontario marriage for an Alfred Williams in 1914 or earlier that would be an obvious match.

Edited to add that one of the witnesses to his 1919 marriage has signed the register as William Williams, Capt. I assume this is implied to be his father, given the information provided. 

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Alfred was definitely still living in England in 1903, he signed his older brother's marriage registration as a witness in this year, as did older sister Grace.

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HI, thankyou

the marriage i have in 1927 for Alfred is to a Grace Blount in Wellingborough

and his father was a employee of the post office in Hackney

i have his death as 1946, and was living in Kettering



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