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Northwest Frontier... India.


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I have discovered that my Grandfather served in the 1st. Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment in India prior too and during WW1...

On his Medal Card it states he was in 5G (2 & 4). Disembarkation to this area on the 17th August 1915...

5 being :- Asiatic theatre or war.

G being :- Hafiz (Northwest Frontier of India).

Can anyone tell me what the (2 & 4) mean after the 5G.  Are they areas in the Hafiz area? and if so does anyone know what areas they are?

Any help appreciated....




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I cannot tell you what 2 and 4 stand for but this overview might help explain:

Operations against the Mohmands, Bunerwals and Swatis were carried out on the North West Frontier of India during 1915.

In the north-west trouble first came to a head in the Tochi Valley, in the strip of mountain land between British India and Afghanistan. It became evident towards the end of 1914 that great attempts were being made to stir up the frontier tribes, and to enlist them in a Jehad against the British.

The first phase began in January 1915, with a raid by the Mohmand tribe near the Shabkadar Fort 18 miles from Peshawar, which was driven off.

On 18th April 1915 the Mohmands attempted to advance again against Shabkadar when 2,000 tribesmen attacked the troops of the 1st (Peshawar) Division and were defeated near Hafiz Kor.

The second phase of operations against three tribes (Mohmands, Bunerwals and Swatis) lasted between 17 August – 28 October 1915. These three tribes inhabit the northern half of the Peshawar district. Fighting began with the defeat of about 3,500 Bunerwals near Rustam on the 17 August, and ended with the rout of 3,000 Bajauris near the village of Wuch north of Chakdara. Another six small engagements were fought; the most important was on 5 September at Hafiz Kor, when 10,000 tribesmen were defeated




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