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1918 drawing of Land Girls dancing - who is the artist?


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I would like to know who did the drawing (enclosed) from 1918 of Land Girls dancing to a gramophone in the Great Hall of Hatfield House?


david isby 


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It looks like they are dancing in a Tudor banqueting hall (perhaps used as dormitory accommodation) and in the corner the ghost of a Tudor lady (Good Queen Bess?) is being drawn into dancing too in sympathy.

NB.  I guess that Hatfield House must be from that era.



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What a wonderful drawing David, have you had it long ? I used to live in Hatfield and visited Hatfield house many times, Ursula Wood has brought a quirky contemporary feel to an old world maginificent space.

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All I have is the jpg.  Of course, Elizabeth spent much time at Hatfield (before the Great Hall assumed its current form) and she loved to dance (especially the volta).

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Ursula Woods was a delightful artist who created delightful scenes.


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