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Remembered Today:

Pte. E. Thomas. Welsh Regiment.


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34331 / 87245 / 3949130. 1914-15 Star trio. I. G. S. Medal. Waziristan 1921-24.  Jubilee Medal. 1935.  Died in service.   Buried Landi Kotal.  Any idea how .?.   Thank you.     Lyn.

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The seven digit number is a 1920 regular service number allocated to the Welch Regiment (renamed also in 1920). As he had the 1935 Jubilee Medal  his death is outside of the period for this Forum. His record is probably at Glasgow but the records are currently being transferred to TNA   You could obtain a death certificate. You don't say when he died but the 2nd Battalion were in India (Agra) in the late 1930s

There is a website on Fibis wiki with contact details


If you want details of his war service that would be relevant to our research, and interests.

Otherwise suggest folk contact you by PM

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