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1st Durham Field Company Royal Engineers


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Can anyone let me have any information on the whereabouts of above, between the 1st and 3oth September 1916.

Thank you

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Looking on the long trail the '1st Durham Field Company Royal Engineers' formed part of the 4th Division. In 1916 they fought on the Somme (Battles of Albert and Le Transloy). Le Transloy took place in October (1-18th), so it seems reasonable that the 4th Division (and therefore 1st Durham RE) were on the Somme front but didnt take part in any major action during september 1916.

Hope this of some help, someone with more details might be able to help you more.

I have a question as well (sorry) but were the Durham RE Field Companies Territorials and did they recruit from Durham? I have a Great Grandad (from Chopwell in Durham) who was a Blacksmith in the Royal Engineers during the war, but I dont know what Field Company he was in, or if he was sent to the front.



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The Durham Field Companies were indeed Territorial Force units, but were formed only mid 1915 from the Durham (Fortress) Engineers.

Please find here a short lineage:

Tsfd 1 Apr. 1908 to the TF as Durham (Fortress) Engineers with HQ at North Shields with Nos. 1 - 3 Works Coys at Jarrow-on-Tyne; by Oct. 1909 No. 3 Works Coy at Gateshead and HQ at Jarrow. Emb 4 Aug. 1914. Formed 1st - 3rd Durham Fld Coys by mid 1915, which numb Feb. 1917 as 526 - 528, resp. Disemb later. Absd 1919 into Tyne Electrical Engineers.



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Cheers mate. Im trying to research my Great Grandfather but having no such luck, as he survived the war!

My grandfather is not sure if he went overseas as he never talked about it (but this is common with men who served during the war) so would he of stayed at home throughout the war, eventhough he was a fit, healthy, young man? Or would he have been sent to the front eventually due to conscription etc?

If anyone has any infomation that would be great.


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Guest Holdfast

I'm currently trying to research into the 1/2nd Durham Fld Coy and have the following information.


1886-1894 1
Durham Volunteer Battalion formed

Early 1900
Small number of men sent to serve in the Boer War

Additional Section sent to serve in the Boer war

1908 Volunteer County Battalions were transferred to the Territorial Force with the Northumberland Division forming 3 works and 1 electric light companies; of these the works companies were called the Durham

1 August 1914 On this date all the 11 Fortress Companies serving at home were on coastal defence duties. On mobilisation, men of the Territorial RE took over home stations, releasing men for duty with the BEF

Sep 1915 1 / 2 Durham Coy
Allocated to 5
Div First Line Territorial Force allocated to serve with regular division in
France. As a Fortress Company of the pre-war Territorial Force the Durham’s consisted of HQ and Nos 1 and 2 Works Companies at Jarrow and No 3 Works Company at Gateshead, part of North Eastern Coastal Defences

1917 1 / 2 Durham Coy re-numbered 527
Field Coy

I do have some more details of 1/2 (527) service during WW1. Does anybody have any details of what happened to them after that?

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