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My granduncle's collar disk collection

Steve Sinnott

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Hi, We have been going through my parents estate items and found a box belonging to my granduncle Joe.  He was in WWI, Company H 1 Md. Infantry, Company C 112 Machine Gun Battalion and part of the Meuse-Argonne.  We found this collar disk and my research defines this as being the 10th Cavalry, Headquarters or the Buffalo soldiers 10th Cavalry.  Could this be correct?  He has other disks like Quartermaster Corps,  Medical Corps, Tank Corps and others.  Did the soldiers trade these disks, maybe?  Thanks for any help!  Steve



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Hello Steve,

I am not an expert on these but I do have a copy of the main collector's guide to US Collar Disks (Scipio: The Collar Disk Story 1907-1999)

and p68-70 confirms your ID as 10 Cavalry HQ

I do not believe the 10th Cav. was part of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF)  - if I recall correctly they stayed down on the Southern Border and were involved in some skirmishes as late as 1918.

I think I am correct in saying that some experienced non-commissioned officers transferred to other units that were part of the AEF.

I suspect like cap badges in other armies collar discs were collected/traded although I have nothing really to back that up.

Given the unit in question the disk is probably quite sought after by collectors.

Hope this helps some


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