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1st Trench (Mortar) Battery - april 1915 - 2Lt Arthur Oxland Innes ? Brownlee RFA


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I am trying to identify a '2Lt Brownlee' recorded as commanding No.1 Trench Battery (ie. 1st Trench Mortar Battery) when it joined 7th Division artillery in early April 1915 - one of the very early (RA-manned) Trench Mortar units, formed on or around 1st April 1915. [in WO95/1638/2]

I am thinking this is most likely to be Arthur Oxland Innes Brownlee  (2Lt RFA SR), who otherwise I can find little about.. he is reported in the Univ Edinburgh Roll of honour as having been wounded in 1915, and also appear on a medical/hospital roll sent home sick in July 1916, where identified as a DTMO [i.e. Divisional Trench Mortar Officer], which links him to this line of work.. but any confirmation that this was indeed him would be very welcome.. or indeed an alternative candidate.. the records of most of these early Trench Mortar units are very sparse .. 



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1 hour ago, battiscombe said:

Arthur Oxland Innes Brownlee  (2Lt RFA SR)

I know I am probably rather asking the obvious - Have you been able to look at his service papers at the National Archives?


:-) M

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There is this London Gazette https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/29821/supplement/10952 13 Nov 1916

= ROYAL REGIMENT OF ARTILLERY. R.H. & R.F.A.— ... The undermentioned temp. Lts. to be temp. Capts.: — ...  Lt. A. O. I. Brownlee, Spec. Res., whilst comdg. a Trench Mortar Batt. 2nd July 1916.

His MIC as RFA (SR) refers to City Hospital, Coniston Road, Edinburgh

At WFA/Fold3 there is a Pension Index Card for a Arthur Okland Innes Brownlee - details are few but his unit is noted as S.A.M.C.

Without going into all the LG entries - There is also this LG https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/30623/supplement/4399

= S. .Afr. Medical Corps.— ... Arthur O. I. Brownlee to be temp. Lt. 15th Mar. 1918.

And there is another one https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/31500/page/10205  11 Aug 1919

= SOUTH AFRICA. South African Medical Corps. — Temp. Capt. Arthur O. I. Brownlee relinquishes his commn., 4th Apr. 1919, and retains the rank of Capt.

Seems a potentially different line of work = ???  Could it be the same officer?  Or two with remarkably similar names?

:-) M

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1 hour ago, battiscombe said:

he is reported in the Univ Edinburgh Roll of honour

Can't see the whole thing - What was his subject?  Did he graduate? And if so, when?

I think I can see listed a BROWNLEE, A - Veterinary Medicine 1924 ??? - Perhaps having been RFA / SAMC ???

:-) M

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thanks for the suggestions.  He was a medical student so that return to RAMC certainly fits. The Meerut Division diaries have not been fully explored yet from readily available records..

The entry from Edinburgh University Roll is attached .. this is available for download through the excellent  National Library of Scotland.

thanks for assistance

Edin Uni Roll of Honour Brownlee.jpg

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He appears to be listed here having been with "D" Battery RHA. The War Diary for "D" Battery RHA states he had joined on December 24, 1915 and left sick on January 2, 1916.

Curiously, there is another record for Arthur Brownlee here with overlapping dates and different ages, but he is with Trench Mortars.  

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