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Which RAMC Units arrived in France 20th June 1915 ??


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I am hoping the the 20th June 1915, will ring a bell with those of you who have/are researching RAMC men.

I know James Coffey 11373 RAMC landed in France on 20/6/15, he is known to have served with 32 CCS however they did not arrive in France until 22nd September 1915, so he obviously landed in France with another unit, and served with them for a least 3 months.

So hoping someone can suggest some RAMC units that are known to have landed on 20th June 1915.


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Further to my original post, the entries in the No5 Base Depot Rouen WD, just state.

20th June 1915, “200 O.R. RAMC arrived from England”.

21st June “70 O.R. RAMC proceeded to various units”.

22nd June “24 O.R. RAMC proceeded to various units”.

Can anyone suggest another source of info, that might name specific units, harbour or ship’s records maybe (if they exist) ??

Also LLT has the above BD as the one used by RAMC, could he have arrived at another location ??


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As far as I know he could have arrived at any base port. There is no guarantee he then went to the RAMC BD to be assigned to a unit.

The DDMS at EG. Rouen may have earmarked RAMC arrivals there and posted them on Hospital etc. duty there.

 I'm not sure that men could be sent directly from EG. Rouen to a field unit or CCS although the ambulance train network could make it feasible.


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Could he have been with a unit prior to leaving England, or were they always assigned to units in France ??

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