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Identitifying 18 Pounder Shell case markings


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I recently purchased these two 18  pounder shell cases and need help identifying what the markings mean.I understand there is no primer in these shells.From my limited research I think the NCF means not cordite filled but other than that I am unsure.NCF is also stamped on the second shell but it is hard to see in the photos 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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I’ve found a reference elsewhere that NCF/WF is the maker mark for the National Cartridge Factory, Waterford.


Which is interesting. I wasn’t previously aware that artillery ammunition was manufactured in Ireland in WWI.

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According to this chart Waterford is Wd.However you could be right with this information. You can also see other towns in Ireland that produce shells such as Athlone and Dublin image.png.4627fbba16193d4cb4184a1248d95730.png

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You are confusing filling factories with manufacturing factories. Filling factories filled the already made cases with propellant, usually Cordite.

Your cases were made at the National Cartridge Factory, Bilberry, Waterford - NCF/WF

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Hi GraemeD,

Thanks for confirming that info.I was wondering if you understood what any of the other markings meant as I have been unable to find an answer online.I am also curious by the lack of marking on the shell casings compared to other ones I have seen.

Any help is appreciated.


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