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Remembered Today:

Staff and Cadets No. 5 Officer Cadet Battalion, Trinity College, Cambridge January 1918-May 1918


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My Grandfather was a Cadet at No 5 OCB Trinity College Cambridge from January 1918- May 1918.

I have a number of photopgraphs (some named) from his time there plus this signed Menu Card dated May 31st 1918...

I think i have identified some of signatures but thought I'd let the forum loose on them... However, I haven't matched names on photographs to these on menu so suspect large proportion are Staff.


Posted this seperately so if thread runs it won't block my Grandfathers Service thread...

menu front.jpg

menu page 2.jpg

menu page1.jpg

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To the left of the actual menu in the second image the signature appears to be "A.E.W. Beard".


There is a Medal Index Card for a Serjeant 9739 Alfred Edward Walter Beard, Lancashire Fusiliers, who was discharged to be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the South Lancashire Regiment on the 28th May 1918.There are actually some surviving other ranks records for him as Alfred Edward WalKer Beard.


He is gazetted, (as Alfred Edward Walker Beard) on the same page of the London Gazette as Edmund Baker.



Also on the same page is a Richard Vincent Flanagan, commissioned into the Royal Munster Fusiliers. I suspect that could be a match for the R.V. Flanagan whose signature slants up to the right just above the end of the printed word “Dinner” in your third image.


There are a couple of London Gazette references to a P.C.W. Tatton-Tatton, (candidate for the signature to the left of the printed wording “Dinner given to”).

Temp Lieutenant to become Temp Captain, 3rd January 1919.


Move , as a Captain, from the General List to the Royal Fusiliers, 12th May 1919.


But I couldn’t readily find his commissioning – a search of the relevant page of the Gazette might have brought up more candidates for the signatures on the menu.

There are no obvious officers records in the National Archive catalogue, nor could I find an obvious candidate for a Medal Index Card.


I then came up with a possible match for “R.M. Hughes MM”., (name at the bottom of image 2, to the left of the printed word “Dessert”). This appeared on page 8022 of the Supplement to the London Gazette, 6 July 1918. But the section header on page 8021 makes it clear these are cadets to be temporary 2nd Lieuts. from the 26th June 1918. So attendees at the meal may have been a mix of the recent graduates and those still working their way through the course.


Page 8022 gives you

Robert Morrice Hughes, M.M., commissioned into the Royal Welsh Fusiliers.



Hope that gets you started.




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My nominations for potential names remembered here:-


M. Thomson                           L Young

D. Mitchinson (?)                   C. (or A or G!) L Leizel (?)

A. Seathurston(?)                   J.J.G. Phelp??



                                                A.W. Roan(?)

A.E.W. Beard (candidate suggested)


                   Gelee aux Fraises

J.M.Hardy                               ????M D??????k

                   Beignets de Fromage

L.F. Hall

R.M. Hughes MM (candidate suggested)


(Last Page)


A.A. Nevan, (or Bevan)

J. Thos(?). McTaggart

                                                A. Peebles

R ???? Parry

J.W.L. Glaisher (or Glaisker).            R.V. Flanagan (candidate suggested)

L.T.(?). Book(?)                                 C. Marston(?)

V.H. Stanton


PCW Tatton-Tatton (candidate suggested)               ??????


                 Cadets of No.5 Officer Cadet Battalion.


R.D ?i??

A.H.B. Boughey(?)                             Horace Whenay(?)

Henry Jackson                                                G.G. Gott

                        F.S. Hopkins(?)


                        S(?) M. Broom(?)

H.T. Slagg (or Stagg?)

                                    Geve? (?) Shulls \ Shubbs \ Stulls \ Stubbs.


However a search of the Medal Index Card records in the National Archive catalogue failed to turn up any more potential candidates, (proviso – with many of the names I had to use wildcard searches, so to limit the number of matches I used rank = Lieutenant, (as that also gives Second Lieutenants).)


Returning to the London Gazette I then had another try at finding the commissioning of P C W. Tatton-Tatton, in the hope that the relevant list might turn up other candidates.


I did find an earlier mention – page 813 of the Supplement to the London Gazette, 14 January, 1918 where he appears on a long list as Lieutenant P.C.W. Tatton-Tatton, attached Royal Fusiliers. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/30475/supplement/813/data.pdf

The list itself starts on page 812. “The undermentioned to be acting. Capts. (without the pay or allowances of that rank) whilst empld. with an Officer Cadet Unit. 19th Nov.1917.”


In the May 1918 British Army Monthly List he appears in section 43b under the heading of  “Graded as Staff Captain whilst commanding Companies and Squadrons of Officer Cadet Units”. His seniority date is given as the 12th January 1918.



So another slight fly in the ointment. As well as being signed by individuals at various stages of the course, not just those who recently passed, at least one of the signatories was actually an instructor. If other signatories are instructors they could be NCO’s rather than officers.






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