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Remembered Today:

Charles Alfred Tilley D.L.I.


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I'm trying to trace the war service of the above but the only reference I have found is an entry in German that he was a P.O.W. in 1918. I know it is the correct individual because the home address (3 Rope Walk, Uppingham) is right.


Are there any other sources for the Durham Light Infantry?

Also I'd be interested to know what the various German headings and words mean.


I've attached a screenshot of the page.


Many thanks




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50 minutes ago, AlanCrax said:

I'd be interested to know what the various German headings and words mean.

I'm not a fluent/adept german speaker/reader [by any stretch of the imagination!]

But this is what I read:

1 Entry number

2 a) family/surname  b) Forename c) Father's forename [but not sure that is given here]

3 Rank = Gem = Private, I think

4 Unit details a) battalion & regt.  c) company

5 a) & b) Place captured and date c?) wounded or not - Nicht verwundet = unwounded c) Last place held/coming from = Dulmen [i.e. previous PoW camp and the like - sometimes says West Front, but not here so he must have been transferred a bit]

6 Date of birth & place b) & c) next of kin and address


Others may be able to correct errors

You may find/may have found other records that precede this one - Hopefully you have as PA26456 - on it looks to me like he was previously recorded as being at Dulmen and that other sheet appears to show he was previously from Lille https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/File/Details/5859918/3/2

:-) M

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Not very clear at the top of the page you have but by scrolling back in the full list we find it is from the camp at Hameln (Hamlin) and dated 21 Jun 1918.  Looking at both records, the one you have and the the one cited by Matlock, you have 4 locations,.  Taken at Estaires 9 4 1918, then Lille then Dulmen list dated 14 Jun 1918 then Hameln 21 Jun 1918, 


The war diary for 6 DLI is at 6 Battalion Durham Light Infantry | The National Archives which can be downloaded free at present, you simply register.  This has a brief account of the action at Estaires on 9 Apr 1918.



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He was in the casualty list as a POW published October 1st, 1918.

and here in the arrived home list.

courtesy of the British Newspaper Archive.



Snap 2021-06-18 at 18.20.47.png

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He appears in a War Office list dated 20/1/1919 as "Released Prisoner of War from Germany, arrived in England".

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Many thanks all.


Looks as if he didn't have a particularly happy time of it back home.  Married 1921: 4 children: Widower by 1930. He died in 1970


Cheers Alan 

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