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Kaiser's Cottage


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Hello all,


A shot in the dark but I came across a reference to an incident that refers to Kaiser's Cottage and near-ish to Ypres (perhaps Quelmes training area?) and for the life of me I have not been able to track it down. The actual reference is below, and I have assumed it is to do with the attack on Messines Ridge given the date and the battalion etc involved.


     The 13th Battalion Cheshire Regiment (74th Brigade, 25th Division) War Diary for the 3 May 1917 ‘Brigade carried out an attack practice’; on 4 May the ‘Battalion carried out a tactical scheme on the Kaiser’s cottage training area.' 


Anyone be able to help?


Thank you in anticipation!



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Can't see a Kaiser's Cottage on any of the National Library of Scotland maps but I'm sure it will turn up on a map somewhere.



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Thank you to both for such a speedy reply! It sounds like it's all about the wording of the battalion as others refer to Mont de Lille training area, for example the 8th Bn South Lancs Regt on 16 May ‘Scheme laid out on Mont de Lille to represent part of MESSINES-WYTSCHAETE Ridge'

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