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Ww1 tripod?

Richard lewis

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Doesn't look like it is for a theodolite as it lacks a centre / triangular base plate fitting 

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14 hours ago, petwes said:

Plane table tripod? Does the top cap unscrew for fixing compass?


Gosh, not quite certain if you are showing your age or what! I grew up with plane tables and still use them as a first stage when teaching archaeology students the basics of archaological surveying! Yes, this could be for a plane table, more likely than a telescope. MT a unit marking? 



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It is not for a heliograph. There are two patterns of tripod used with a heliograph (and various other signals equipment: Mk I electric signal lamp, limelights - various models, Lucas Lamp Mk I* and Mk II, long range daylight signal lamp) - the Mk III tripod adopted in the late c.19 and the Mk I tripod for the 10-inch heliograph adopted in 1903.


I am unsure what this tripod would fit, I suspect either a theodolite or one of numerous artillery survey instruments. Usually they are stamped in the brass with the maker, year of manufacture and the specific model name and mark number.


The marking M-arrow-T 48 has been done with an electric pencil. This is typical of post WW2 but the tripod has a very WW1 look about it. I would suggest that that marking is much latter in the tripod's life.



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